An exceptional territory for startups !

Aix-Marseille French Tech is a dynamic and united territory that wants to become a crossroads for exchanges, experimenting, and talent accelerators in the entire Euro-Mediterranean zone.

Aix-Marseille territory displays characteristics of leading-edge development as well as large, experimental fields. A veritable crossroads in the Mediterranean, Aix-Marseille is one of the three digital hot spots, along with Barcelona and of course Tel Aviv, which shows major similarities and parallels, whether it be dealing with technologies connected to security or with the creation of innovative startups coming from local incubators.

With its very strong potential for economic development, Aix-Marseille French Tech will by a key figure in innovation in the Mediterranean area.

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A rich ecosystem !

Accelerators, incubators, business nurseries, centers, experts, school, fab labs, financiers, tech champions, communities, events…

The Aix-Marseille territory is filled with all the players needed to support startups at each stage of their development !

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High-level infrastructures

  • The number one location for datacenters in France after Paris, 8 datacenters, with 1 Tier IV and 3 Tier IIIs.
  • An unequaled interconnected hub between Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia
  • An international airport
  • An international seaport
  • High-level logistics and multimodal transport infrastructures
  • The largest francophone university in the world ! AMU (Aix Marseille University) enrolls over 7,7000 students (among the 100,000 students in the region)

A business ecosystem that has an eye for innovation in every field !

The SBU growth sectors (and thus job creators) which are found on the territory :


And also FinTech, BioTech, MedTech, CleanTech…

Startup accelerators in sectors of excellence

Driven by digital technology champions, the region founded private-sector accelerators in booming industries that create jobs :

  • E-commerce, E-tourism
  • Transmedia
  • Data centers, Big Data, Cloud
  • Mobility, RFID, NFC
  • Microelectronics
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A dynamic economy

  • 1.8 million inhabitants, 750,000 jobs and more than 700 foreign-funded enterprises
  • 150 Tech champions (Annual turnover > €5 million)
  • The average age of the population on the Aix Marseille territory is young (exact number to be found)
  • An extremely developed digital economy with more than 40,000 employees on the territory

A territory connected to the world

  • TGV Marseille-Paris : 3hrs
  • Marseille-Provence, an international airport
  • Marseille-Fos, Number one French seaport and second in the Mediterranean
  • Cosmopolitan city

A unique quality of life in Europe

  • 300 days of sun per year
  • Located on the seacoast, the mountains only 1 ½ hrs away
  • Provençal mountain ranges known throughout the world (Sainte Victoire, calanques de Cassis, Sainte Baume, Garlaban)
  • An omnipresent cultural dimension: MP2013, festivals year round such as the Aix-en-Provence Festival, Opéra National de Marseille, and Grand Théâtre de Provence, Contemporary Art Museum, MuCEM, FRAC…
  • Emblematic buildings/Museums (MuCEM)

A committed region !

Read all about French Tech Aix-Marseille’s 12 commitments for 2015 such as local governance, fab labs, accelerators, programs to expand abroad and more.

Specific actions to expand the service offering to startups !

Check the 12 commitments for 2015

Aix Marseille Frenc Tech 12 commitments for 2015

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Program established for startups :


See the milestones involved in obtaining the French Tech label by French Tech Aix-Marseille.

Story behind the #AMFT label

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