French Tech is a collective trademark launched in 2014 by the government.

French Tech’s ambition is to kindle tech champions, promote French know-how abroad and attract foreign investors.

To augment its activities, the government has launched a call for projects that will create labels for the territories.

The labeled territories then put in their best effort to stimulate the ecosystem and set up necessary organizations that will allow startups to go from just an idea to a tech champion.

See the 12 commitments of the Aix-Marseille French Tech territory.

French Tech infographics


Create jobs in high potential industries

Highlight the french tech know-how



Reinforce the readability and consistency of public policies that favor startups.


Set up organizations that will facilitate and stimulate the emergence of startups.


Have tech champions supervise the startups with strong potential so they can development quickly.


Offer support initiatives that facilitate penetration into foreign markets.


Keep our future tech champions on the territory and develop local jobs.

Les outils French Tech

La France l'autre pays des startups

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