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DORMES Elodie - Business Development Manager



Le Pitch

VECT-HORUS has developed a technology platform, VECTrans®, that facilitates the targeting and delivery of drugs or imaging agents into the brain through the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) and to tumors which overexpressed the specific targeted receptors (pancreatic, adrenal cancer, glioblastoma, etc.), where there is a high unmet medical need.

VECT-HORUS discovered, validated and optimized a family of vector molecules that target the LDL receptor and that allow drug delivery to different organs. The vectors are protected by several families of patents and ongoing patent applications. The vectors have different properties (structure, affinity, stability, organ specificity) allowing adaptation of the vectorization process on a case to case basis.
The expression of LDLR in several organs and in cancer cells opens opportunities for the delivery of therapeutic or imaging molecules in liver and adrenal glands for instance, to the brain, to tumors and in lysosomal storage diseases.
VECT-HORUS’ partnering strategy is based on out-licensing of its technology, of its vectors and vector-drug conjugates.

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