European Forum Cyber4Energy

European Forum Cyber4Energy
European Forum Cyber4Energy
30 mars 2022
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palais du pharo marseille

125 - 400


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Fin de l'événement : 31 mars 2022

Energy and cybersecurity stakeholders,
Let’s meet at the 1st European Forum on cybersecurity for the energy sector!

CYBER4ENERGY, 30/31 March 2022 at the Palais du Pharo, Marseille

A 2 days event aiming at raising awareness to the cybersecurity challenges and solutions
specific to the energy sector in order to enhance the protection of the critical energy industry!


As the process of digitizing countries, societies and economies increases, the risk of cyberattacks has increased as well. Cybersecurity has become essential to avoid disruptions of the energy chain that can have serious impacts on citizens and economics, and represents a major collective priority for sustainable economic development.

Main topics:

  • Cybersecurity challenges in the energy sector
  • Technologies and solutions
  • Current regulations and roadmaps
  • Skills developments and cost

Join international experts, decision-makers, public authorities and companies to:

  • Share the specific issues of the energy sector
  • Be aware of the current and coming regulations
  • Know the best current and future solutions
  • Progress together: learn and share good practices

Joséphine Boudy