‘Is My Startup Fundable?’ Half Day Session

‘Is My Startup Fundable?’ Half Day Session
‘Is My Startup Fundable?’ Half Day Session
27 juillet 2021
09:00 - 12:00



Pashu Christensen


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We are excited to host a half day session which will help you understand where you stand and your level of readiness to pitch to investors and raise funds.
This session will be limited to 20 startups and answers to the below type form is required to receive the link to connect to the online half day event.
1. Apply by answering to a few questions : https://9u1uxdmzwr0.typeform.com/to/LjYYmEqa
2. Receive an invitation to join the session & accept the invitation
3. Connect on the D-day, just come as you are with a good wifi connection, the video and sound on and some fresh brewed coffee to stay focus
4. Each startup founder will answer a 204 piece questionnaire on 34 topics based on the most renowned investors’ questions from Silicon Valley.
– First questionnaire with 34 questions (15 minutes)
– Break w/ tutorials, interactive discussion & fun surprises (10 minutes)
– Second questionnaire with 170 questions (45 minutes)
– The answers will be analyzed by 34 Elements software algorithm
Startups key takeaways include a one to one feedback session on where you stand (10 min one-to-one session w/ Pierre & Pashû) w/:
– key strentghs and weaknesses
– the 3 main topics you should focus on next

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