Micro Innovation Day II – Édition 2021

Micro Innovation Day II – Édition 2021
Micro Innovation Day II – Édition 2021
7 octobre 2021
09:00 - 16:30

58, boulevard Charles Livon

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7th October 2021 – Jardin du Pharo, Amphithéâtre Gatsaud Aix-Marseille Université

Conférence en langue française

SCS continues its cooperation with scientific experts in Microelectronics with the organisation of a 2nd Innovation Micro Day gathering industry and academia on Low power Architecture & Microcontroller with AI algorithm integrated.

For this second edition,  the scientific day will be held in Marseille, Palais du Pharo, and will welcome guest speakers from academia and industry. It will target multiple innovations contributing to European industry competitiveness.

Contributions related to the latest advances on methodologies and technologies for

  • the design, evaluation, and optimization of low power harware architecture (reliable and safe)
  • Microcontroller with embedded AI

will be presented.




9:00 – Opening  – VP, Aix Marseille Université


9:15  – Introduction and Reminder Microelectronics Roadmap – SCS


9:30 – Low Power Architecture challenges in the Microelectronics sector

  • Neuromorphic architectures, a support to third generation of Artificial Neural Networks and a new path toward low-power embedded AI – LEAT & 3IA
  • STM32 Ultra low power : design microcontroller architecture to reach a best-in class power consumption – STMicroelectronics
  • DOLPHIN Design


12:00 – Networking Lunch & Showroom Micro project and B2B Meetings area


13:35 – Microcontroller with AI

  • AI on the edge – Cortus
  • MicroAI: Quantization and Deployment of Deep Neural Networks on Microcontrollers – LEAT
  • Computing in Memory hardware accelerator for embedded AI – IM2NP
  • Crypto C-SRAM : a secure AI-oriented co-processor for High End MCUs  – CEA-Leti
  • NXP
  • Infineon
  • Bosch Vision Systems


16:00 – I-NOVMICRO – Mines Saint-Étienne

An innovation program to develop education for microelectronics industry in Région Sud


16:15 – Wrap-up and Good bye messages (lessons learned during the day)