View Point #1: Inside a VC’s mind

View Point #1: Inside a VC’s mind
View Point #1: Inside a VC’s mind
19 mai 2021
18:00 - 18:30

34 Elements weekly webinar series shares short & impactful view points on the startup ecosystem. The classes are free and open to entrepreneurs eager to learn and build startups that have a positive impact on society. You may attend one session as well as every single session we will be hosting these coming weeks.

For this View Point #1, Pierre Gaubil* will share with you a journey inside a VCs’ mind and how she or he evaluates investing.

Lesson #1 Key Takeaways:

– Criterion based upon investment stage

– When should you talk to VCs

*Pierre Gaubil’s Bio:

Pierre Gaubil is the CEO of 34 Elements.He is a European with a fine-tuned Silicon Valley mindset – having lived and thrived in San Francisco for 17 years – that enables him to bring a cross-cultural perspective (keeping the best of both worlds).

He has built and successfully exited 3 startups:

-CAST, an application intelligence software that IPO’d in Europe.

-Days of Wonder, a board/online game startup acquired by Asmodee.

-Sensopia with Magicplan, a mobile floor-plan technology acquired by B&O Gruppe.

He is currently General Manager of a US pre-seed fund called The Refiners that has invested in 54 startups.

He is a contributor to Start It Up and Data Driven Investor technology publications in Silicon Valley and Silicon Carne, a podcast about tech.

Pierre has coached hundreds of startups and finds it deeply rewarding to see startups improve. You should know that he is direct, to the point, but has a deep respect for entrepreneurs and try to stay positive and constructive.

His substack: