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You will integrate the technical development team within a 10 collaborators start-up and actively contribute to the success of the projects. Your role will be to design, build and put in operation a plasma device. You will conduct a first phase of study and synthesis of the state-of-the-art with the aim of designing a plasma device able to realize the targeted chemical reaction. After this first phase you will start the realization of the device by selecting and ordering all the different parts constituting the latter, including analytics, computing etc… The commercial part inherent to this phase, meaning material selection, negotiation and follow-up with subcontractors and industrial partners will be part of your attributions as well. The next phase will be the actual assembly and set-up of the reactor. This phase will be considered as validated when the device will be up and running. Once operational, the device will be operated to perform chemical reactions, being part of a precise test program. The ultimate goal is to achieve a proof of concept by successfully performing the targeted chemical reaction thanks to the plasma device. The outcome of your mission is expected to constitute a major breakthrough, both in the academic and industrial worlds as well.

Informations sur l'entreprise
Hysilabs has developed a liquid hydrogen carrier HydroSil, stable and safe at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure. This breakthrough in the energy sector takes advantage of the remarkable properties of hydrogen without the usual drawbacks inherent to its storage and transportation. This innovative liquid state allows to use similar logistics as conventional fuels. By employing renewable resources for its production, this solution enhances the deployment of considerably more environmentally friendly solutions compared to fossil fuels. Our ambition is to gather motivated and passionate people around this project in order to achieve new development steps together.

Send your resume and covering letter (English or French) as PDF attachement via email. Please include this reference to the subject of your email: [PLASCHEM]_
Avenue Louis Philibert - Bâtiment Lavoisier - Technopôle de l’Arbois
13100 Aix en Provence
GreenTech - Energie - Environnement
- You hold a PhD in Plasma applied Physics
- You have significant experimental background operating plasma sources or plasma assisted
- Optionally you have Computational Fluid Dynamics skills
- You are persistent when confronted to technical issues
- You have good technical writing skills in English (patent manuscript, technical reports, etc.)
- You feel comfortable starting a topic from scratch from bench test design to assembly to carrying
out tests
- You have appetence for both upstream and applied research
- You are autonomous and proactive
- You are rigorous regarding everyday work safety and confidential material
Position to be filled as soon as possible Gross annual salary: from 35k€ - depending on profil